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About Us

Augustus Oil Industries India Pvt. Ltd is a Chemical company with its manufacturing facilities in Sangamner, Ahmednagar. Our prime focus is manufacturing Pyrolysis Oil by conducting pyrolysis on waste tyre scrap and industrial plastic scarp. We also intend to process and refine our product to obtain refined furnace oils and solvents.

The number of vehicles in India has grown exponentially in the past two decades. It has unfortunately led to generation of huge amounts of tyre scrap, which is either burned or buried. Use of industrial plastic has also increased to meet the overall demand for industrial production. Irresponsible disposition of tyre scarp and industrial plastic waste is an environmental hazard which needs to be addressed in an environment friendly way.

We perform the pyrolysis in closed environment and we are well-equipped with all pollution control equipment. The process causes no pollution whether air, water or noise. Thus, we are an environment friendly company addressing one of the biggest environmental hazards of our times.

Our facilities are situated in central location catering to our customers in the MIDC areas of Mumbai, New Mumbai, Kalyan-Thane, Nasik, Pune and Ahmednagar.

Our other business activities include trading of new as well as used tyres. We are importers of tyres from China and Gulf. We also provide raw material to other manufacturers of pyrolysis oil.

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